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What are your loyalty rewards?
What are your loyalty rewards?
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Earn points with each order to redeem and save on future orders!

For every $1.00 you spend with Burnaby Buds (tax and shipping excluded), you will earn 10 points!

For every 1000 points you accumulate, you will receive a $5 discount that can be redeemed at checkout on any future order!

Review Points

Earn 200 points ($1) for every product review that you leave!

Birthday Points

If you have added your date of birth to your user profile, you will receive 2000 Points ($10) on your birthday!

How to Redeem Store Points at Checkout

You can apply store points, also referred to as store credit, to get a great discount when you finalize your order at checkout. We hope you enjoy the savings!

To quickly check how many store points/credits you have, just go to your 'My Account,' and under the 'Points' tab, you can view your points history:

Redeeming your Points

Redeeming your points at the checkout stage is simple! Once at the checkout stage, select the amount of points you would like to redeem, and then click "Apply Discount"

Once applied, you will see a banner notifying you that your points have been applied; this is also confirmed in your 'Cart Totals' section.

Please note:

Points cannot cover taxes or shipping fees.

If your order is cancelled, any points redeemed will be automatically returned to your account.

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